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2022-02-14 - perfect art

a few years ago while visiting a park with many public art exhibits, i had a thought about the artists who created those exhibits. at what point did those artists decide their work of art was done? did they decide it was done after they had been working on it long enough and grew tired of the work? or did they not stop until they genuinely thought the work was perfect?

based on my experience, working on something until you genuinely think it is perfect is a hard thing to do. in fact, i'm not sure if i consider anything i've made or skills i've acquired to be "perfect". they all fall under the other category. i either said "it's good enough" or i'm still working on that project/skill. maybe that just means i have a high standard for perfection.

well, that's my thought. i respect creations or skills that the creator deems perfect or close to perfect. i hope to be able to say that myself in 10 years as well.