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2021-11-20 - a thought on presentations

i didn't write in my gemini blog for a bit. mainly because i've spent all my time preparing for a presentation about "the command line" the past month. this presentation was part of my company's "developer conference" and the presentation will be posted to youtube within a few weeks. i don't give presentations often, so i was pretty nervous for it. but i spent a ton of time preparing and i'm extremely proud of the result. i recorded myself giving this 40 minute presentation over 10 times, but it's different when you give an actual presentation. i think my actual presentation was much better than all my practice runs. the feeling is that i worked really hard on something and i really wanted to share it with other people, so i wasn't really nervous.

anyways, i guess i'm just saying that i'm suprised that i could give a presentation in front of 50 people. i gave presentations in front of large groups when i was still in my university, but it's been a few years. the presentation was virtual, but i don't think giving it in person would have been too much different. if a person really prepares for something, all feelings of being nervous can kind of go away.

i was able to mention gemini in that presentation too, so yeah. i'll post a youtube link to it in this capsule when it actually gets uploaded to youtube.