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2021-10-09 - slight updates to capsule

the http version of is now monospaced. i passed in a css file to kineto to do that. i changed the arrow/link unicode character. i switched from circle to square bullet points. i simplified the index page to not include any descriptions besides my main interests. and more!

it feels nice to have a simpler blog that looks pretty good with gemini and html. gemini forces the website to be very simple too. i had my blog in jekyll before and spent too much time debating over what looks good and what doesn't. i really do think that constraints breed creativity. by having the constraints that gemini gives me, i'm able to focus on the things that really matter and i am much more satisfied with my personal blog in the end.

one thing i did that i didn't like too much is having some unicode box drawing characters at the bottom to create my own href for separating the blog from my contact page. i remember there was some talk about adding href to the gemini protocol in the mailing list. i think an href in the protocol would be cool because it's a way to draw a line across the entire viewport. just using unicode characters could be too long or too short, so it ends up looking less even. unicode characters are fine though i guess. i'm sure no one cares about this on my website besides me.

unicode box drawing characters