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2021-10-01 - thoughts on shells

i was introduced to the "nushell" today.


i like some of what i read in the documentation, but i don't agree with the driving philosophy behind it.

the primary purpose of a shell should be to make executing programs and manipulating their output easy and flexible.

some traits i think shells should follow:

consistency between commands isn't important if there is good documentation available for each command. nushell tries to make commands consistent, but they do this by rewriting a bunch of things as builtins. if the things they wrote were stand alone executables, their code could more easily be used by other shells.

well, that's my rant. unrelated, i was also exposed to tldr-pages recently too:

tldr pages

it's just cheatsheets for the command line. i like that idea. i'm not sure if i'll get into it or not though. i currently use my shell aliases as a cheatsheet. here is a command that uses cheatsheets too: