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2021-07-25 - updates to gemini server

today i created a bash script that preprocesses my gemtext files, automating some things i was doing manually before. before today, i was manually adding a header link back to the main page on all my pages. but now that is automatically added to all my pages. i also made it so i don't have to touch the index page at all if i add new pages. these are really small things that i'm sure have been solved by people before, but my scripts are customized for my capsule.

if you look at my github's index.gmi, you can see something like this:

the "pages" word is a directory name. my bash script will look for all .gmi files in that directory, get the first header, and create links with each one's header text.

i also created another header type to help me type less. this gemini post has the text "#- updates to gemini server" as the header. my bash script is changing that to "# <basename of filename> - updates to gemini server". the filename is just a date (2021-07-25.gmi), so the end result is pretty nice.

that's what i did this evening. it makes me want to post more things, because making a new post takes less manual work now.