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2021-05-23 - github actions

i was trying to add a continuous integration pipeline to my ttrack project. previously i was using travis-ci for my concards repo. as i started implementing travis-ci, i ran into a problem related to how travis-ci currently has both a `.com` and `.org` url. after trying to diagnose the issue for a bit, i ended up looking into github actions and deciding to switch to that instead. i like the file syntax for github actions more, it's integrated into github, and it's also generally faster than travis-ci.

for both my concards and ttrack repos, i set up a build and release action. both repos have pretty much identical actions. here are links to those actions for each repo:

concards github workflow

ttrack github workflow

the build action

the release action

in addition, i only allow merging to the main branch via pull requests. pull requests will fail if the build fails or the test coverage is less than 80%.

all in all, i'm proud of my new setup. i was able to switch to github actions and make improvements to my build system in the process.